Supplier visits

Fostering insights, transparency, and teamwork through personal interactions

Supplier visits provide companies with a valuable opportunity to get to know their suppliers better, strengthen their relationships, and gain valuable insights into their workflows and processes. But did you know that supplier visits are beneficial not only for companies but also for employees?
At Wisst International Consulting, it’s common practice to take part in supplier visits. You can observe in real time how products are manufactured and how services are rendered while witnessing processes in action, providing direct insights and ensuring greater transparency.
An additional benefit is the opportunity to learn directly from the supplier’s experts, share experiences, build personal relationships and, most importantly, enhance collaboration within the team.
Ali: Overall, my first supplier visit was an extremely positive experience. I came to understand the importance of personal contact with suppliers – direct interactions make collaboration more efficient and allow for immediate discussion of challenges and questions, without misunderstandings arising due to the nature of online communication.

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